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Technical Center

GB Technical Center is accredited as National Enterprise Technical Center by China government because of its leading position in technical innovation capacity, excellent R&D mechanism and development potential as well as its contribution to this industry. GB is the only company achieved this in China silicone industry. GB testing lab is accredited by China National Accreditation Services for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), which has mutual recognized testing labs in around 108 countries.

GB has 5 seats on China Standardization Committee, participated in establishing more than 40 international, national and industry standards. GB has obtained more than 64 invention patents including 30 invention patents. Now GB technical center has a team of around 160 persons including 10 Doctors. GB invested around 6 million USD in this technical center for hardware and personnel, continuously seeks t o stay ahead in technology invocation.

Mechanical Property Testing Laboratory
In GB mechanical property testing lab, 4 universal testing machines one with low-high temperature cycling condition here to perform the testing of tensile strength, elongation, adhesion, movement capability etc.

In order to carry out static and dynamic fatigue testing, we imported an instron fatigue testing machine from the USA. The machine tests silicone sealant specimens once a second for a total of 200,000 times in order to detect the properties under repeated tension and compression.

Accelerated Weathering Laboratory
We have 2 accelerated weathering laboratories to simulate a variety of external environmental conditions to measure the performance of our sealants in a variety of conditions. In the first accelerated weathering laboratory, there are 5 sets of electrothermal ovens, 2 sets of water-UV chambers, 1 UV chamber, and 1 plasma testing machine.

We utilize a plasma processor to treat the surface of the PP material with a plasma flame, to guarantee a good adhesion between the PP material and silicone sealant. This kind of PP surface treatment is mainly applied to adhering PP to automotive lights.

Here is our second accelerated weathering laboratory, equipped with precision salt spray test chamber, horizontal-vertical flame chamber tester, sulfur dioxide test chamber, high temperature and humidity test chamber, high/low temperature cycling chamber, rotor vulkameter, and many other precision testing machines.

  • Ovens and water-UV chambers

  • UV chamber

  • The horizontal-vertical flame chamber tester is used to measure the flame retardant properties of silicone sealants.

  • The precision salt spray test chamber can simulate the salt spray environment of coastal areas to measure the performance stability of silicone sealants.

  • Our sulfur dioxide test chamber can simulate the acid rain environment in heavy industrial areas to test the stability of silicone sealants in acid rain.

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