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One-Stop Solution

GB One Stop Solution Includes

Technical Proposals before Sale
Lab Services (Print Review, Adhesion Testing, Compatibility Testing, Staining Testing)
Jobsite Services (Technical Communication & Procedure Guidance, Deglazing)

1. Technical proposal before sale
Before sale, GB learns the applications, requirements, environment etc and then provide proposal on which kind of sealants to use, what should pay attention during and after use.

2. Lab services
Print review
Before project starts, GB does print review for customers to check if the joint type, joint size is correct, and then issue a print review report with comments and recommendation of proper sealants.
Adhesion Testing
Prior to use, GB conduct adhesion testing for the real project substrate to check if the sealant exhibits good adhesion to the substrate, to determine proper cleaning solvent and confirm primer requirement.
Compatibility Testing
Compatibility testing is to make sure that accessory materials of the project are compatible with the sealant, will not cause discolor and adhesion failure.
Staining Testing
For porous materials like stone, GB conducts staining test to choose most suitable sealant for stone and similar porous materials to avoid staining.
Consumption Calculation
GB can calculate and give estimation about the total consumption of sealants depending on the information provided by customers.

  • Architectural Silicone Sealant Products
  • Print Review
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Staining Testing
  • Staining Testing

3. Jobsite Services
Technical Communication and Procedure Guidance
GB technical engineers will visit jobsite to communicate with the workers and technical persons of customers on the sealing requirement, standard sealant application guidance and explanations.
GB technical professionals go to jobsite to carry out deglazing to inspect if sealant application was done according to guidance and meet requirements.

  • Technical Communication
  • Technical Communication
  • Application Guidance
  • Deglazing

4. Warranty
When all procedures are carried out as per guidance and all the documentation meet requirements, GB issues a product warranty.

Thank you for choosing GB silicone sealant! The one-stop service of GB provides an effective and reliable technical support structure for your project!

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