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Automatic Production Line

Automatic Production Line
GB has developed a highly intelligent vertical sealant production line together with an Italy Company, most advanced in China even in the world. The whole production process is completed in a totally enclosed environment without manual intervention, thus guarantee product quality consistency, production efficiency and prevent dust pollution.

Central Control Room
The production process is programmed. The control and supervision of the whole process is completed by operating computer from central control room. One production line only requires 3 persons, one to operate computer, the other two walk around to check the working status of the line.

Storage Zone
This zone is for temporary raw material storage. Fluid, powder and auxiliary materials are delivered into their storage tanks through pipes respectively as programmed. For powder raw materials, its hot air to blow them into tanks that can eliminate moisture if there is any.

Main Mixer
The raw materials will be pumped into pre-mixing vessels at programmed proportion and then go into main mixer here. The mixer implements GB unique manufacture techniques, uniformly blending, mixing and allow them to thoroughly react.

Automatic Packaging Line
After full reaction, the sealant will come out to a buffer tank for temporary storage and then come to full automatic packing line.

Filling - Sealing - Cartoning
After filling and sealing, the sealant cartridges are packed into cartons. The automatic packaging line is highly efficient.

Nozzle Placement
After cartoning, the nozzles are automatically loaded into the carton.

Carton Sealing
After the nozzles are loaded in the carton, the automatic packaging line begins to seal the carton automatically with adhesive tape.

The CNC automatic stacking robot is adopted for stacking these sealed cartons according to the programmable procedure.

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