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Silicone Gasket

Rubber Gasket/ Silicone Seal Ring/ Silicone Seal

GB silicone gasket is specially designed for sealing the joints/seams of curtain walls, and aluminium alloy ,PVC or wood windows and doors.

• Excellent cold and heat resistance
• Excellent weatherability
• Excellent compression recovery

GB silicone gasket is available in black and other customized colours.

GB silicone gasket is available in rolls, every 10kg or 20kg per roll.

For more details, please download: GB Silicone Gasket

Typical Properties

These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications

Test Method Property Unit Standard Result
GB/T 531 (ISO 7619) Hardness Shore A Designed ±5 70
GB/T 13477 Specific gravity ml/min. 1.3±0.1 1.28
GB/T 528 (ISO 37) Tensile strength MPa ≥5.0 7.5
GB/T 528 (ISO 37) Extension at break % ≥250 700
Deformation on compression (100℃×168h) % ≤35 25

*GB: Chinese National Standard
ISO: International Standardization Organization

(1) Installation can be completed with eas by dipping profiles in silicone oil or saponification liquid.
(2) Gasket should not be pulled and stretched during installation. The length of the strip must be about 1% longer than the profiles to avoid seal failure caused by strip shrinkage.
(3) The gasket for the corner of windows and doors should be cut at 45°angles, and the edge should be kept well connected to prevent cracking when shrinkage occurs.
(4) If there is breakage of the strip, don't set it at the corner. It is better to set it in a longitudinal direction during installation as it butts up to the breakages well and bonds more effectively.

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